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What Smart Insole Tech Brings to the Industry.

The problem is the generic insoles in the industry, when each person’s walk an the shape of their feet is unique, therefore the insole should be unique too.

The little kit inside the insole connected to a dedicated app, that allows you to understand everything about your walking and running through more than 10 biomechanical parameters analyzed. So essentially, it is your very own coach that gives you feedback based on the shape of your feet, and the quality of your movement.

Our Technology is Going to Change Everything.

This insole provides personalized feedback to analyze health, fatigue, posture, steps, and calories and create precise data for improving health and preventing injuries. Smart insoles makes precise measurements by scanning your feet in movement and in real time to give you accurate and reliable data and offer all of these data, via Bluetooth through a companion app. The data is accurately analyzing the quality of steps and the run. So, not only it would be a great product for individual’s everyday life, but also great for professional sports player who would like to make corrections on their postures and movements that lead to enhance their performance.

Our Team.

Fereydoun Kafshdouzi- Picture

Fereydoun Kafshdouzi

Chief Executive Officer
Kazem Moradi

Kazem Moradi

Chief Financial Officer

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Headquarters: Tehran, Iran | Toronto, Canada